• Troubleshooting
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Telephone and Data Cabling
  • Electrical Panel Tune-ups
  • Hot Tubs/spas Connections
  • Switches/Dimmers/Receptacles
  • Additions/ Remodels
  • Outdoor Lighting/Receptacles
  • Electrical Panel Tune-Ups
  • Hot Tubs and Spas
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

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Lights flickering? Receptacle has no power? New thermostat not working?

We will trace your circuits using the latest tools; we will find the problem and fix it.

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan needs to be properly supported. That's a lot of weight hanging over you and spinning at the same time! Only a properly 'rated' ceiling fan box should be used.

Switches/ Dimmers/ Receptacles

Need to add an outlet? Want to control a specific light or outlet from a new location?

Thinking of adding a dimmer for greater control over a room's ambiance? We do it all.

Panel Upgrades

Still using fuses? Circuit breakers tripping? Need to add another circuit, but don't have the room? Sounds like its time to upgrade your panel and/or increase your service size. We will inspect what you have and find the most cost effective solution for you. At the same time, we'll bring your old service up to current code requirements for safety.

Additions/ Remodels

Bring us in at the planning stages and we can help design the new or remodeled space just to your liking! We'll ask questions you may not have thought of and look fro ways to save you money and enhance the project.

Outdoor Lighting/ Receptacles

Outdoor lighting can beautify your home. It also adds security and convenience.

Electrical Panel Tune-Ups

Many panels are in need of a thorough inspection. Water can get into panels and cause all kinds of problems. Also previous installers may have put wires on terminals incorrectly. Too many wires can be under one termination point. Proper grounding should be checked.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs and spas need to be fully ground-fault protected and properly grounded.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

All bathrooms should be properly exhausted. Many new fans today are extremely quiet and also offer heat and light. We will size the fan based on square footage of your room.

Recessed Lighting

You have many options in recessed lighting today. Size, trim, and style are just a few things to think about. Don't worry we have put in hundreds of lights and can guide you through the maze of options.

Water Heater Connections

Whether it's a new hybrid electric hot water heater or a traditional water heater, we will properly install the electrical connections for you.

New Construction Wiring

If you're building a new home or need power for a garage or storage shed, we can wire it for you!

Knob and Tube Wiring

Is it time to replace that old wiring? Did you know that you shouldn't insulate an outside wall if it has knob and tube wires? We can replace the old knob and tube wiring with minimal construction damage to your home.

We Service: Andover MA, Amesbury MA, Byfield MA, Georgetown MA, Groveland MA, Haverhill MA, Lawrence MA, Methuen MA, Merrimac MA, Newbury MA, Newburyport MA, North Andover MA, Salisbury MA, Topsfield MA